Summit Agenda
Cody Touchette

How to Get Unlimited Loans

Apr 22, 9:00am PST
Jennifer Beadles

$1 Million from House Hacking & Live In Flips

Apr 22, 10:00am PST
Joe Wanagel

Value Add Multi-Family Investing

Apr 22, 10:30am PST
Jan Wanot

Mobile Home and RV Park Investing 101

Apr 22, 11:00am PST
Richard Roop

The Ultimate Game Plan for Uncommon Financial Success

Apr 22, 11:00am PST
Dana Dunford

Rules to Remote Landlording (Live on Zoom)

Apr 22, 12:00pm PST
Emily Du Plessis

8 Rookie Mistakes

Apr 22, 1:00pm PST
David Osborn

The Millionaire Real Estate Investor Mindset

Apr 22, 2:00pm PST
Reggie Brown

(All-Access Pass Exclusive) Scaling Up with the Build-to-Rent Strategy

Apr 22, 3:00pm PST

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Jennifer Beadles

The Build-to-Rent Strategy

Apr 23, 9:00am PST
Ann Belter

Self-Managing 100+ Units While Living A Big Life

Apr 23, 10:00am PST
Cortney Jones

Raising Private Money

Apr 23, 11:00am PST
Kory Dieter

House Hacking Your Way to FIRE

Apr 23, 11:00am PST
Michael Bjorn Huseby

Investment Property Protection 101

Apr 23, 1:00pm PST
David Toupin

Mastering Multi-Family Deal Analysis

Apr 23, 1:00pm PST
Tarl Yarber

Scaling Up with the BRRRR Strategy (Live on Zoom)

Apr 23, 2:00pm PST
Chad Carson

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly from 18 Years of Investing in Real Estate

Apr 24, 9:00am PST
Becky Nova

Selecting the Right Investing Strategy for YOU

Apr 24, 10:00am PST
Ashley Gallacher

Taking the Leap to Full-Time Investing

Apr 24, 10:00am PST
Elisa Zhang

Multifamily Syndication - A Path to Financial Independence

Apr 24, 10:30am PST
Addicted to ROI

(All-Access Pass Exclusive) VIP Mastermind Sessions (Live on Zoom)

Apr 24, 12:00pm PST
Jaime Tulley

Short-Term Rental Opportunities for 2021

Apr 24, 1:00pm PST
Jennifer Beadles

How to Invest Out-of-State

Apr 24, 2:00pm PST
Austin Dean

Where Should I Put My Money? (Why deliberate wealth design is crucial to investing) (Live on Zoom)

Apr 24, 3:00pm PST

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