Becky Nova

Founder of Lady Landlords

Selecting the Right Investing Strategy for YOU

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

  • Why invest in real estate?
  • Making SMART goals for real estate investing
  • Picking a strategy that works for you

About the Speaker

Becky received two Bachelor of Arts Degrees from American University in Washington, DC concurrently in Psychology and in Law and Society. She was also a student-athlete excelling in Field Hockey and Softball. During her undergraduate years, Becky started her full-time career in Cancer Research.

After receiving her Master of Arts in Psychology in Education from Columbia University in New York City, she moved to Europe. In Spain, she founded a tour company that expanded into Portugal where she opened a beachfront restaurant.

Upon her return to the United States, Becky returned to Cancer Research while looking for her next entrepreneurial endeavor. In 2018, she and her husband, Emilio, purchased their first duplex in Yonkers, NY...and she was hooked. Just a year late, she bought a four-family in the same neighborhood as well as a condo in the Dominican Republic, her husband’s native country. Now, she has acquired 10 doors in competitive high cost of living areas in two years.

She has grown a love for working with first-time investors and runs a popular Facebook group called Lady Landlords to empower women to become knowledgeable and confident in Real Estate Investing. Due to its popularity, Becky has created digital courses, worksheets, live events, and a YouTube channel to aid her followers on their journey.

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