Emily Du Plessis

Founder of RentalRookie

8 Rookie Mistakes

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

Tune in as Emily shares the 8 rookie mistakes investors make when investing in real estate.

About the Speaker

Emily Du Plessis is an English teacher turned real estate investor who focuses on helping aspiring investors buy their first rental property. She and her husband have built a rental portfolio that allowed Emily to leave her teaching job and focus on their real estate investing full time while raising three young children. Their real estate investments focus primarily on buy and hold properties. Their portfolio consists of single-family rentals, multi-units, vacation rentals, and student rentals. They have experience investing both locally and out of state as they own properties in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Tennessee, and North Carolina. Emily is the founder of RentalRookie, an investing community built to help inspire and educate newbie investors. There she enjoys utilizing her passion of teaching to help others understand the fundamentals they need to be successful in buying their first rental property.

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