Jaime Tulley

CEO of Flow State Investing

Short-Term Rental Opportunities for 2021

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

  • Market data and trends
  • Finding properties creatively
  • Permits, taxes, and insurance
  • Underwriting
  • Management

About the Speaker

Jaime has been an entrepreneur for most of her life in various industries. Her early days of real estate passions involved renovating a trailer and yurt to live for extra cheap (but extra stylish) in California while she saved to buy her first home. Jaime and her husband bought their first home in Hood River, OR. They did a live-in flip and increased the value of their home by nearly 50% in two years. They also operated a top-performing AirBnB out of their home and after learning how lucrative AirBnB income streams can be, they sought more opportunities for vacation rentals in the Columbia River Gorge. Now with five active listings all within 30 minutes of their home, they are loving not only the cash flow from these properties but creating a truly awesome experience for all of their guests. In addition to vacation rentals, Jaime and Kevin have started Flow State Investing, a firm that invests in Non-Performing Notes and focuses on helping people stay in their homes.

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