Kory Dieter

Real Estate Investor and Digital Strategist

House Hacking Your Way to FIRE

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

Are you exploring ways to accelerate your path to financial independence? Come learn how Kory Dieter added house hacking to her arsenal of FIRE strategies and how it not only impacted her personal balance sheet, but also her investment trajectory, career, social life.

About the Speaker

Kory is a Chicago-based professional house hacker and out of state real estate investor with a portfolio mix that includes SFRs and small multi-families across 4 markets. Her goal is to retire before the age of 40 in order to spend more quality time with family, live overseas, and learn new languages. By day, she works for a large health insurance company as a chief of staff. Her evenings and weekends involve optimizing her real estate portfolio, cooking, and spoiling her dog, Zoey.

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