Richard Roop

Founder of mindStorm Marketing LLC

The Ultimate Game Plan for Uncommon Financial Success

What You’ll Learn In This Session:

Richard Roop reveals how to start achieving your most important money goals quickly, consistently, and predictably. This proven formula for achievement will help turn your dream or desire for total financial independence into a specific, meaningful, and achievable goal that motivates and inspires you into action. You can have, do, or become whatever you want most by applying this simple step-by-step strategy for creating amazing results.

About the Speaker

As a direct response marketing consultant, creative copywriter, and success coach, Richard Roop has helped over 100,000 business owners and real estate investors achieve uncommon financial abundance. He started out as a marketing entrepreneur in 1984 and was the first Director of Marketing for from 1988 to 1994. He purchased over 500 properties as a creative real estate investor using none of his own capital or credit starting in 1996. Then within 5 years, from publishing and teaching his legendary marketing and deal structuring strategies, Richard became known as “The Marketing Consultant for Real Estate Entrepreneurs.”

Whatever your passive income goals are, you're in the right place

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